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Life as a trainee Veterinary Nurse 

I am a student veterinary nurse who has been given the privilege to be trained within a veterinary practice. Although I have a degree level in a different subject, this apprenticeship gives me a work-based opportunity, which means I learn on the job with the support from my clinical coach as well as one day at college to gain knowledge behind the work. Every day that I work is different from the next, with having in-patients that need varying levels of care to preparing for surgical procedures when the veterinary surgeon is ready to operate; finishing with deep cleaning everywhere for disease control and prevention. You must be prepared also for any emergencies that may come in through the door as quickly and efficiently as possible, because it could be a life or death situation and therefore learning how to prioritise your day must become second nature. For me as a student veterinary nurse it is a steep learning curve especially as I didn’t have a veterinary background until a year ago. My favourite time of the day is taking care of the in-patients, I love seeing the progress they make as they get better and a little TLC doesn’t go a miss either, as I see through their eyes and how scary everything must be. There are however negatives to this job including when an in-patient doesn’t get better or if the best thing to relieve the suffering of the animal may be euthanasia, which can be extremely upsetting to witness but you must remain professional yet showing your empathy shows that you care. These upsetting times don’t out weigh the good that you can see happen and knowing you’re a part of that gives you such a sense of euphoria and love for the job.

Jemma Harris


Assisi Veterinary Group

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