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Life as a Registered Veterinary Nurse  

Life as a Registered Veterinary Nurse has been challenging at times, but I have always enjoyed it. I started life as a student in 2012 and went on to qualify in 2015.

There is a lot that happens behind closed doors as an RVN, most people think we are here to cuddle puppies and kittens, but little do they realise on a daily basis we are their animals full times carer - we provide TLC at all times, we are an anaesthetist, cleaner, plumber, electrician, lab worker, mortician, dietician and so much more.

Life can be so busy but regardless of the situation we stay to help care for your animal. There have been numerous times that I have been so busy that I eat lunch on the go. I have lost count on the number of times I have had to make that call to my partner, friends and family to say I will be late to this function and that function as I am stuck at work. I am very lucky that they have all accepted that is who I am and taking care of animals is my passion.

I have had a few hiccups along the way, I have struggled with reptiles and birds, but my friends and colleagues at LRV have helped me overcome this, and I find it one of the most fascinating animals to take care of.

During my time as a nurse, I have adopted a few little ones.

  • Frankie – my little black and white cat, she is a feisty but can be very loving. Adopted a 6m old.
  • Luigi – my grey and white cat, he is a big loveable boy, loves to catch the mice. Adopted at 3m of age
  • Freddie – cockerpoo, Loves everyone and everything, is full of life and energy. Adopted at 4w of age.
  • Dobby – pug, loveable boy, loves everybody. The most troublesome of them all. Adopted at 6w of age.

Although I get covered in a manor of animal fluids on a daily basis, I couldn’t see myself doing any other job.

James Mycroft

Assisi Veterinary Group

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