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ECG - Electro Cardio Graph 

An ECG measures electrical activity that is going through the heart to make the heart muscles contract. It is often used in conjunction with ultrasound or echocardiography and radiography (x-rays).

The ECG produces a trace when the heart beats. This can show us if there are abnormal heart beats and changes in the shape of the ECG shows us if the ventricles or atria are enlarged. It may also tell you if there is fluid around the heart. This can be very helpful in making a diagnosis and working out which treatment to use.

For complex cases we have a visiting cardiologist referral that comes regularly to our practice. Mr Paul Smith has state of the art equipment and can see your pet on site.

Any signs of exercise intolerance, collapsing, severe panting, slightly bluish tongue or coughing can be associated with cardiac disease. If you would like to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us. There are new medications on the market that are very safe and that we can use to help our pets.

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